About Us

Healing on the Streets in Woodbridge has been organised by Christians from different churches in Woodbridge and the surrounding area. Prayer for healing is happening in towns around the country each week as local churches look to share God’s gifts with communities they are part of.

As Christians, we believe that God is not distant and apart from this world, but rather deeply cares about every single person and is longing to be involved in their life, if they will let Him. We believe that healing through prayer is not something that can just be read about in the Bible, but happens every day in people’s lives as God performs miracles to demonstrate His power and love for each one of us. Many Christians are able to share their experiences of God healing them and also others they have prayed for.

Healing on the Streets Woodbridge has been running since 20th November 2010.


Our team can be found just off the Thoroughfare in Woodbridge (alongside Caffe Nero) on alternate Saturday mornings between 10.30 and 12.00

What happens?

We simply invite people to sit on a chair and a couple of the team pray. If appropriate, we may ask to lay a hand on the area of the body that needs healing as we pray. The prayer usually only takes a few minutes and we do not accept any payment for this.

Sometimes there is healing straight away, sometimes the healing comes hours or days later or only partially, sometimes there is no change. If healing has not occurred we are always happy to pray again another week.

What happens next?

If you have been prayed for there are different ways in which you may wish to respond

If you were healed

If you have been healed since we prayed, then we want to give God all the honour, because he is the one who has the power to do this, not any of us. This is why we do not accept any money or donations for what we do. There are a number of things you should do now.

  1. •If you are on medication STAY on it, under NO circumstances should you stop doing anything a medical professional, or counsellor has advised. We are not medically trained, so please verify what has happened though them, and then TAKE THEIR advice. If you have been healed, their verification is a great endorsement to others of what God has done.
  2. •If you are in a church already, please go and tell the leaders of the church the great news.
  3. •Tell people what God has done, and bring any friends or family along with you again. We will happily pray for them too, no matter what their condition or sickness, because nothing is impossible for God!
  4. •Also please let us know you have been healed. It would be a great encouragement to us if you could either come back to us, or email through our contact page to let us know you have been healed.

If you were not aware of any change in your condition

Sometimes it is clear you have not been healed. If that is your situation, don’t worry… God still loves you! We do get many people who are not healed instantly, but recover over time; many people come back to us the following week to tell us they have been healed. We believe that whenever we pray to God, he always responds to our prayer. He is the one in control, so we wait patiently. If you have not yet been healed:

  1. •Keep Seeking after God, and if you know how to, pray.
  2. •If there is some improvement, but not a total improvement, (which even happened occasionally in the bible stories on healing), we would love to pray for you AGAIN, you can come as many times as you like. We won’t give up if you don’t.
  3. •If there is no improvement AT ALL after a week or two, then we will pray again (and again) if you like. We do not have all the answers, but sometimes we need to persist and try again.

How do I find out more about God?

Our hope is that after this encounter with God, you respond by pursuing after him to learn and discover more of his great love for you. We have enclosed a booklet called “Why Jesus?” as a small gift, to help you on your journey of discovery. Being a Christian is about having a living relationship with a living God, There are a number of practical ways you can begin to do this.

  1. •Join a Church: If you are already in a church, tell the leaders what has happened and inspire others. If you are not in a church, you really should visit one. The church is the mechanism God has chosen as a way of people moving on with him. You are very welcome to come along to any of the local churches, see here for more information on the different churches in our area. If you are not from this area please email us and we shall endeavour to advise you about churches local to you.
  2. •Read a Bible: These are available from most bookshops. Translations we would recommend are “TNIV” or “The Message”, as these are easy to read. Start with the New Testament, which will tell you about how Jesus heals people. We also have some free bibles to give away from time to time, so please ask us.
  3. •Pray: Prayer is talking with God. If you have come to a place where you would like to know God better, there is a prayer on page 18 of the booklet “Why Jesus?” that will help you on your way of coming into relationship with God.
  4. •Talk to Christians: Come back and ask us any questions you have, join a church, or start talking to some Christian friends you have.

It is very important that you seek God and try to do these things IF you want to find out more. Knowing God is a journey, not a philosophy or idea. It does require effort on your part, now that God has taken the initiative to meet with you today.